Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 7 – At Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), Minister of MoEYS Dr. Hang Chuon Naron officially announced to kick off the project of deploying School Information System (SIS) for 150 high schools in its first phase. Metfone company is honored to be the only carrier to implement the project for the ministry.

The minister also established the committee of managing and deploying SIS system for the schools since ministry and Metfone aim to bring the advantages of this system to over 3,000 schools nationwide. The committee involves the participation of minister, Metfone’s board of directors and senior officials from ministry and Metfone.

The event is the next step after MoEYS and Metfone stepped into the cooperation through the signing Memorandum of Understanding ceremony on 25 March about deploying Digital Education System and e-Government solutions at MoEYS and its organs and schools.

SIS is one of outstanding solutions of Metfone for Education sector which was piloted at high schools in Kandal and Siem Riep. SIS allows teachers to view and enter student’s attendance, leaves, and mark in their own electronic profiles; manage timetable, enter marks for Exams; manage classrooms; view and verify their own profile and moreover, send/receive notifications to students and their parents. Students and their parents also can check attendance, timetable, fee details, exam dates. They will view their children profile anytime, receive notifications from teachers and send requirements to the school. All of activities will be executed online by smartphone or computer in most convenient ways.

After the success of SIS pilots in two schools, MoEYS acknowledged the importance of this project in digitalizing Education sector and improving ICT knowledge and skills for Kingdom’s students, thereby, the ministry turned on green light for Metfone to carry out the solutions expanding to other schools, as well as set up the committee to managing, deploying and monitoring the efficiency of the system during deploying it nationwide. The committee will take full responsibility on conducting and facilitating all resources to make the project succeed.

Giving the announcement in the event, Dr Hang Chuon Naron stated “thanks very much to School Information System which eases school principals to manage study information in digital era. We are now deploying for 150 schools this year and will expand to more than 3,000 schools in next year. Together with Metfone, we expect to strengthen the education sector and successfully implement this project.”

In response, Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong shared his deep gratitude to minister and ministry to choose Metfone as the partner of this project.

He said: “it’s a great honor that Minister and MoEYS have chosen Metfone as the only partner to implement SIS system for the schools. We commit to give our best to finish the project within the timeline and bringing the advantages of this excellent system to all students and teachers as soon as possible”.

He added: “shall not limit on SIS, Metfone will continuously integrate the platforms of e-Learning, e-Library, Digital book to carry out a comprehensive Digital Transformation. Besides, Metfone has been incorporating with Department of Information Technology to implement core system of education sector which helps Ministry and Departments own a management tool in their operations thoroughly.”

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