Phnom Penh (FN), Oct. 21 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has taunted Sam Rainsy, former leader of the dissolved opposition party, for interfering in the internal affairs of Thailand.

Addressing Wednesday in Banteay Meanchey where he visited flood-affected areas, the premier taunted Sam Rainsy's disgraceful gesture of three fingers salute.

“Do not create problem during severe flooding and COVID19 pandemic or raise the three fingers supporting Thai protesters. You [Rainsy] have been warned over interferences in Thailand’s internal affairs,” said the premier.

“You [Rainsy] express solidarity with Thai protestors, while we are helping our people in times of emergency,” premier added.

Sam Rainsy wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday, urging his supporters to express solidarity with protesting Thai democrats. The Thais commented on his Facebook post, warning him not to interfere in the internal affairs of Thailand.

Lertchai Jangjittin told Rainsy not to compare Thailand with Cambodia, in which the latter has already enjoyed democracy.

Jangjittin warned Rainsy not to invoke Thai democrats to have conflicts with the Cambodian government.

“In order to help Thailand’s democracy, stay away from the internal affairs of Thailand is the best way,” Jangjittin said.