Banteay Meanchey (FN), Oct. 24 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen gave credits to other comrades who joined hands to make his win-win policy a success, speaking Saturday during his visit to flood-affected areas in Banteay Meanchey’s Malai district.

The premier recalled that without Y Chhean and Sok Pheap, commanders of the Khmer Rouge in 1996, his win-win policy would not have been successful.

Premier Hun Sen stated: "The win-win policy that I have set out and led by myself would not have been successful without the roles of E Chhean and Sok Pheap. The moment they laid down their arms and joined government marked the beginning of a large-scale secession, contributing to the first-ever full national unity, peace, and territorial integrity in hundreds of years of Cambodia’s history.

The win-win policy, which was completely successful on 29 December 1998, was launched by Prime Minister Hun Sen to open negotiations to end chronic civil wars. Two Khmer Rouge commanders, Y Chhean, now Secretary of State for the Ministry of National Defense, and the Undersecretary of State Sok Pheap supported and joined the uprising against Pol Pot, forcing the Khmer Rouge leaders to accept the negotiations.

Samdech Hun Sen reiterated that “the founder of today’s peace is not just me. All are contributing actors, including those from the government and defectors from the Pol Pot.”

Over the past 24 years since 1996, Malai district, which is a former battlefield has now transformed to area of development, which shows the pride of the Cambodian nation.

The premier stated that if at that time, there was no win-win policy, wars in those areas and the surrounding would still continue.

According to the premier, some countries have not yet ended the armed conflicts, such as in the Philippines, Myanmar and southern Thailand, but Cambodia has completely ended wars that allow people to enjoy peace and prosperity.