Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 15 – In a special message lived from his house this morning, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen reaffirmed that Cambodia will not declare a state of emergency for the “Community 28 November” event.

"I reaffirm that there will be no state of emergency and the shutdown of Phnom Penh. I would rather call on people to join the government in fighting COVID19. If we put our country in state of emergency, our people will suffer huge losses," said Hun Sen.

"Without the cooperation from the people, never expect that we can control the situation. Today, I confirm that the COVID19 community transmission situation is under control, however, not ended yet," the premier underlined.

Prime minister appealed to citizens not to panic, but practice measures set out by the Ministry of Health, including washing hands, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing.

A state of emergency can be enforced when the nation faces dangers of wars, invasion by foreign forces, contagious disease infections, chaos which affects national security and public order, and severe danger and national threat.

The law sets the legal procedures to implement Article 22 of the Constitution and gives the power to the government to set the necessary measures to respond to the state of emergency.