Phnom Penh (FN), Dec. 24 – The Royal Government of Cambodia has issued further measures to continue to help the garment-textile, footwear, travel goods, bag and tourism sectors during COVID19 crisis, according to the press release obtained by Fresh News on Thursday.

The measures detailed on the suspension of employment contracts, national social security fund (NSSF) and seniority indemnity payment.

The Royal Government continued to transfer USD 40 per month for January to March 2021 for each worker/employee working in the garment and tourism sectors, who suffered work suspension due to COVID19.

In addition, the implementation of pension scheme is being delayed for six months until July 2021.

The government also continued to allow factories, enterprises and businesses in all sectors to delay the payment of back pay seniority indemnity before 2019 and seniority indemnity for 2020 and 2021 until 2022, according to GMAC.

If the social and economic situation return to normal, all relevant ministries and institutions must hold discussions with factories, enterprises and businesses to determine procedures to make payments by installment.