Phnom Penh (FN), Feb. 20 — Cambodia reported 32 cases of COVID19 in a community transmission detected on 20 February 2021 which started at N8 Club in Phnom Penh, Premier Hun Sen addressed a special message on Saturday.

"We have found 32 cases within 10 hours. No one knows how far the virus goes. It started from N8 Entertainment Club,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“The new community transmission has worsen COVID19 situation in the Kingdom, as we are fighting against cases imported from neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam,” he added.

The premier called on people, who lives in the areas or have been in contact with the infected patients, to quarantine and isolate themselves as well as cooperate with the relevant ministries to locate other relevant people.

Premier Hun Sen also ordered to lockdown N8 club, entertainment places, apartments and restaurants around the transmitted area, and called on citizens to strictly follow the COVID19 preventive measures.

The government expected that "Community 20 February" will end within one month if there is close cooperation from citizens.

"If we can manage the situation well, it will take us less than a month to end this 20 February Community event," the premier said.

He warned to implement strict regulations if people do not cooperate with relevant authorities.