Phnom Penh (FN), Apr. 8 – The Inter-Ministerial Committee to Fight COVID19 announced its request mechanism of voluntary COVID19 vaccination for foreigners, according to the announcement seen by Fresh News on 8 April 2021.

«In order to ensure effective and orderly vaccination process for foreigners in Cambodia who are residing and working in Cambodia and who are not under the umbrella of the United Nations (UN), International Organizations (IOs), Bilateral Organization, International Financing Institutions, Embassy in Cambodia or recognized legally local organizations, the request mechanism of voluntary COVID-19 vaccination is instructed by the Inter-Ministerial Committee to Fight COVID19.»

“The Ministry of Labour (MLVT) is responsible for preparing the registration list of foreigners holding Ordinary Visa (Visa E) and Work Permits issued by the MLVT. Required documents are valid passport, valid Visa and valid Work Permits.»

«Local authorities at the level, are responsible for the registration of other foreigners who are not listed in the category (A). The required documents for the vaccination registration are valid passport and valid Visa.»

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