Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 23 – Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Wang Wentian has slammed the United States for politicizing the COVID19 origin-tracing instead of figuring out ways to fight COVID19.

The ambassador spoke Monday in front of Cambodian defense minister Tea Banh at the handover ceremony of 500,000 doses of the China-aided Sinopharm, held at Phnom Penh International Airport.

COVID19 is like a mirror that can reflect different pictures of the world. Some pictures reflect warmth and sympathy between China and Cambodia, while some reflect the blame game, the ambassador said.

“ Some countries do not care about the safety of their own people, as well as the general situation of the global fight against the virus. They instead politicize the origin-tracing of the virus. Given the ongoing spread and rebound of the virus, the priority remains to be stepping up equitable distribution of COVID19 vaccines and enhancing global solidarity and cooperation.”

“Origin-tracing cooperation must be based on science, and politicization must be firmly rejected. China will work with other parties to carry out science-based global origin-tracing, and contribute China's part to humanity's final victory over COVID19”, the ambassador continued.

In February, the WHO reported that COVID19 virus is NOT “man-made”. The reports suggest that the Novel Coronavirus has been circulated undetected months before first COVID19 cases in Wuhan, China.