Phnom Penh (FN), Sep. 3 – Online learning plays an important role in the epidemic phase Globalization of COVID19. The staff of the educational institution and the teachers have worked harder and harder to ensure that the students can continue their studies as effectively as they did in the classroom. However, although technology has facilitated learning and many other activities that we did not expect, but the change of habits to learn online immediately and in a short time has caused some difficulties and obstacles for teachers and Students. By transforming classrooms into online class, teachers and students need to use a variety of tools and programs or online forums for learning and teaching, scoring and preparing for online exams. It seems so complicated that teachers and students have to use multiple programs at the same time. So is there a School Information System or online learning platform, provides benefits and ease for students and teachers to learn and teach?

In general, the use of School Information System to learn online has many benefits for teachers and students in learning and teaching. It provides opportunities for teachers and students to communicate better through text and voice messaging, video calling, and ask for lessons and exams. On the other hand, teachers and students can also send documents, lessons, exercises and class activities quickly and easily. Teachers can keep track of student activities and student assignments, whether they have done or not yet submitted. Modern School Information System also help teachers and students save money, as well as reduce the use of natural resources by reducing the printing and writing of paper. Another important benefit is that students and teachers can learn and teach anywhere and anytime flexibly, as well as save documents immediately after class. Using the School Information System also helps teachers to save time in organizing grading, teaching materials according to each subject and grade. In addition, some School Information System allow transparency between schools, teachers, students and parents to monitor student scores, presence, exams and tuition fees.

In fact, the School Information System, or SIS System, developed under the auspices of Metfone and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, offers many benefits to online learning that are relevant to the study environment in Cambodia. This system allows schools and teachers to check the total number of students and download more than 20 types of Excel and PDF files. In addition, SIS System has special functions by creating four different types of users: User for school, User for teacher, User for student and User for parent. Teachers can check personal biographies, personal information, check personal mailboxes sent by students and parents. In addition, teachers can check personal teaching schedules, grading, teaching assessments and examinations. SIS System e-Learning provides teachers for online teaching with the opportunity to submit video files and questionnaires. For students users, students can check the subject, exam scores and exam schedule via mobile phone easily and quickly. What is even easier is that students can choose to study the subjects that the teacher has provided, such as slideshows, quizzes and videos. To keep track of their children's education, the SIS System makes it easy for parents to check their children's profile, score and even ask their children for a permit. Overall, the E-Learning of SIS System plays an important role in facilitating the online learning of students and teachers. All teaching materials are prepared and reviewed by the teacher before being included in the system.

One of the most important tips for effective online learning and teaching is to choose an School Information System or online learning platform that is easy, uncomplicated, and beneficial for teachers and students. Therefore, SIS System is the best choice for teachers and students to achieve high results in learning and teaching online.
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