Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 24 — Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen, on Monday, said today marked the 23rd anniversary of the attempted murder on his life in Siem Reap (24 September 1998 - 2018).

“At 8:52am on 24 September 1998, Hun Sen said, an anti-tank rocket was fired at his motorcade but missed, hitting a villager’s house located on the other side of the road instead. One villager was killed and another injured,” the premier wrote on Facebook.

The assassination was attempted Hun Sen’s motorcade just minutes before the opening of the National Assembly and the ceremony to swear in its members.

“If I died at that time, what would have happened after my death in Siem Reap? Could the civil war have been ended through the win-win policy if Hun Sen was dead?” the premier said.

“I have forgiven the people who attempted to murder me in Siem Reap. [But] you need to know that I am still the prime minister and I will not let you murder me and I will not let you topple a coup or colour revolution,” he wrote.

“I must protect peace and people of Cambodia at all cost.”