Laos (FN), Sep. 28 – Ouch Borith, Cambodian Foreign Ministry’s secretary of state, said vaccine donations from Cambodia to Lao PDR reflects strong solidarity and good traditional cooperation that the two leaders have built for the benefit of both nations and the peoples.

Borith spoke at the handover ceremony of Cambodia-aided 200,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine to Lao PDR on Tuesday at the Cambodia-Lao international check point Trapang Kreal-Nong Nok Kien.

On behalf of the Royal Government and the people of Cambodia, Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen wished the government and the people of Lao PDR happiness, prosperity and success in its development, Ouch Borith said.

The premier added that the COVID19 outbreak has seriously affected all aspects of human life, bringing many challenges not only to public safety and health, but also to supply chain and people’s movement. In this context, a collective response within the bilateral and multilateral frameworks is indispensable to cope the pandemic and ensure a rapid and effective post-pandemic recovery.

“With the joint aspirations and commitments of the two peoples and governments, I firmly believe that the existing close ties and fruitful cooperation will be further strengthened for the mutual benefits of both peoples, as well as for peace, stability and common prosperity in the region and the world,” Ouch Borith underlined.

On 16 November 2020, Cambodia donated 2.1 million face masks and other medical equipment to Lao PDR to combat COVID19.