Phnom Penh (FN), May 20 — To strengthen the selling skills of occupation in the 21st century many entrepreneurs are facing the lack of Digital Sector Skills. Well, Mr. Bav Kong who has too many experiences of many years in Digital Sector Skills in Cambodia and is the founder’s Music Lover Group also is an entrepreneur.

Since 2014 to the present time, Mr Bav Kong has become the teacher who teaches in short course program and who also train the involved subjects of Strategy of Management of International Entrepreneurs, Making business plan, Micro-economics, Macroeconomics, Art System translation of writing information announcement, Marketing in Modern Styles and connecting other skills which involved occupation and Digital Skills. Mr. Bav Kong has specified that in working lifestyle of social media Vision or Digital Sector are always competitive and strongly moving forward every day. Likewise, He has said that the duration of the last four years “I had committed to share the Relation with many works in social media Vision, Making Business Plan and Commerce Strategy and also give the counseling to small and medium entrepreneurs.

The reason that he always diligent in this field because he has already known that the number of people surfing the internet are increasing strongly about 80% of people who are able to use the internet, in 2022. Therefore, we has surveyed that the people are spending their time with internet more than reading the newspaper and Television.

The advice for the entrepreneurs and the young generations who are interested in starting business career or professional in Digital System. Mr. Bav Kong has urged that they have to have high commitment because of striking the business is not at ease and also so tough more than working and thinking. Likewise, we have to sacrifice, to be creative and to make in order to get the value proposition for the customers and the individuals who involved in our business.

Nonetheless, Mr. Bav Kong has provided three essential tips for the one who truly wants to become an entrepreneur in Digital Sector. You must have a proper business with marked plan which shows the goal of your business to future and also the strategy it makes your business move to the success path. Furthermore, the creative plays a very necessary part, meaning that you must discover something new and logic from others to be able in competent market. Another interesting point is that you have to work with your heart in order to make your business success. To achieve your goal needs working hard in this field and demands you to spend too much time even the weekends or holiday.