Switzerland (FN), May 22 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen announced that Cambodia reported zero COVID19 case for 15 consecutive days, speaking during a meeting with Cambodians living in European countries, held in Zurich, Switzerland on 21 May 2022.

“Success in fighting COVID19 is not a coincidence, but have worked hard to overcome the challenges,” the premier added.

“Fortunately, before the pandemic, I saved more than USD 4 billion in cash. I have always said that the most difficult time for a premier is when he is cashless,” the premier continued.

The premier added that Cambodia has so far received more than 52 million doses of vaccines through donations and purchases, with more than 42 million doses used. Among them, the Royal Government of Cambodia allocated the national budget to buy more than 28.5 million doses.

Cambodia's annual economic growth was downgraded to negative 2.4 percent due to pandemic. Without the pandemic, the nation's savings could reach USD 5 billion.