Switzerland (FN), May 22 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen called on citizens not to be propagandized by gas price surge, speaking during a meeting with Cambodians living in the EU, held on Sunday at Zurich, Switzerland.

According to Cambodian citizens living in France, the price of gasoline in France is 2 euros per litre, approximately USD 2.5, higher than the price in the Kingdom. In this regard, prime minister Hun Sen warned all people in Cambodia not to be deceived by the propaganda.

"Now, people in France confirmed that the price of gasoline is 2 euros per litre, which is approximately USD 2.5," the premier underlined.

“The gasoline price in France is more expensive than that in Cambodia, which is only USD 1.4 per litre. Currently, there is a propaganda to lower the price of gasoline during the election campaign in the kingdom. Do not trust the propaganda," the premier continued.

"I hope that citizens living in the kingdom can understand that the gasoline price increased due to the effect of Russia-Ukraine war," Samdech added.