Phnom Penh (FN), Jun. 24 – Despite the global pandemic of COVID19 in the past few years, which caused severe cases around the world, Saniswiss has been working so hard towards tackling the situation with its alcohol-free sanitation products. Saniswiss is a leading manufacturer of safe hygiene solutions for healthcare professionals and patient safety based in Geneva, they believe in safer and more sustainable healthcare settings by offering a groundbreaking clean technologies for all hygiene sectors such as hospitals, dental and clinics.

Recently, there was a special three-day visit from Raphaël-Ange Prébay, a representative of Saniswiss from the Head Quarter based in Geneva, Switzerland, in showing his support to the contribution and hard work that have been put together by the Saniswiss Distribution Cambodia team during the difficult period of the pandemic. During his visit, he has been engaging in various activities from 22-24 June involving special training sessions as well as visiting the local branches that have Saniswiss products and services, to show support and to raise the profile of the importance of hygiene in healthcare.

Likewise, for the first activity on 22 June, there was a training session organized by Saniswiss Distribution Cambodia with the session that was carried by Raphaël-Ange Prébay himself, providing full demonstration to all the members of Saniswiss Distribution Cambodia team with a deeper understanding of Saniswiss challenges and its solution, and other important procedures relating to hygiene. Also, from 23-24 June, he along with the Saniswiss Distribution Cambodia team have visited and met with doctors, pharmacists, and local dealers at the local hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other local branches with the purpose of improving and bringing higher efficacy and quality standards healthcare to Cambodia.

During the special three-day visit, Raphaël-Ange Prébay and the Saniswiss team were visiting and providing in-depth understanding on various aspects and challenges to the local hospitals, medical center, and clinics including Prestige Hospital, Chey Chumneas Referral Hospital, Domrey Pediatric Clinic, Roomchang Dental Hospital and Devalda Medical Center. Raphael-Ange Prébay and the Saniswiss team held very good demonstrations as well as consultations to find safe and hygiene solutions to overcome the challenges they faced in providing sanitary solutions for ambulance service as well as hospital and clinic areas in order to provide safety to the patients. Not only that, there are also special visits to Saniswiss partners in local dealer stores around Phnom Penh including local pharmacies, baby stores, supermarkets, and commercial buildings, in showing their support and providing consultations to the hard work that these local branches have been doing.

Consequently, his visit has been giving a vital effect on the hard work that has been done by the Saniswiss team in Cambodia as well as local hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics with the successful demonstrations which provided an in-depth understanding for everyone in Cambodia. Especially, throughout the training session that was provided by Raphaël-Ange Prébay, it has been a very fruitful training session, where the Saniswiss Distribution Cambodia team have been learning and gaining more knowledge about the Saniswiss products via a full demonstration on the variety of the products in which it plays a different role in helping our daily lives. Additionally, this is a positive effect that provided to Cambodia as a whole, where we have received a special visit from a very vital individual, Raphaël-Ange Prébay, which has helped provide various good solutions towards the challenges that we in Cambodia have been facing including in Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, and other areas that we are lacking as well.

We would like to show our sincere thank you to Raphaël-Ange Prébay for this special and memorable three-day visit in Cambodia, and also thank you to the Saniswiss Distribution in Cambodia team as well for working so hard to make this happen. Hence, even though the situation of the global pandemic is coming to a better position, we all should still keep our hands clean and should all stay sanitized with better hand hygiene solutions in all circumstances.