Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 14 – Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen shared seven recommendations to boost tourism sector, speaking during the Ministry of Tourism’s annual meeting at Sokha Hotel Phnom Penh, held on Thursday (Jul 14).

The premier shared seven recommendations as follow:

1. To ensure a sustainable, a resilient and an inclusive development through promoting the implementation of tourism development strategy and framework and other strategies set forth to boost the tourism sector. The Ministry of Tourism must continue to monitor and analyze the situation of tourism in the kingdom, the region and the world on a regular basis.

2. To further promote tourism restoration by continuing to carry out tourism business protection programme through fiscal incentives, co-financing programs and credit guarantee programs via the Cambodian Credit Guarantee Corporation. The Ministry of Tourism and relevant ministries continue to strengthen human capital development in tourism sector, skills development, digital literacy, young entrepreneurs and support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to achieve "Smart Tourism" with sustainable, resilient and inclusive development.

3. To increase the attractiveness of Cambodia for national and international tourism markets by strengthening the implementation of safety rules and SOP against COVID19 and promoting the diversification of tourism products and services with quality, safety and highly competitive prices.

4. To strengthen of the implementation of new tourism governance mechanisms to continue ensuring resilience in the tourism sector regarded by Cambodia as “Green Gold”. The Ministry of Tourism and the National Committee for Tourism Development shall cooperate with the relevant ministries and institutions to study and establish a permanent joint forum for each priority tourism area in order to think together, take joint responsibility and to strengthen the mechanism of the Capital-Provincial Tourism Development Committee.

5. To further promote internal tourism movement nationwide.

6. To strengthen and increase of access to the kingdom by air, land and sea to promote the connection of major tourism market sources to Cambodia. The Ministry of Tourism and the relevant ministries and institutions must continue to cooperate in a proactive and interactive spirit and adhere to the "Dynamics of Stakeholder System" approach to ease connection to from region and global market to the kingdom.

7. To launch of “Visit Cambodia Year 2023” campaign on the occasion of hosting the SEA Games - ASEAN Para Games in 2023 to promote Cambodian tourism. All relevant ministries and institution and citizen join the campaign “ Clean Cambodian” and “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service and Good Hospitality” to enhance the image of kingdom.