Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 14 – Cambodian minister of Justice Koeut Rith reacted to those who criticized Cambodia’s constitutional amendment to determine the single Khmer nationality for top leaders.

The minister considered those critics the type of people who no longer care of Cambodia’s national interests, speaking in a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

"Those who criticized the amendments tend to look over their national interests. They might serve for the interests of other countries; they might be the foreign agents,” Koeut Rith said.

"I do not understand when they said it’s a bad for our top leaders to hold a single citizenship," he added.

“When a leader holds two nationalities, which country will they serve?" the minister asked, adding that “which countries allow their top leaders to have a few nationalities?”

On 3 November 2022, the law to determine that the prime minister, the National Assembly president, Senate president, and the Constitutional Council president must hold a single Cambodian citizenship has officially come into force. The amendments aims to serve the noble and long-term interests of the nation by ensuring that leaders of the four institutions are loyal to the nation and the people of Cambodia; it also aims to prevent foreign interferences in Cambodian internal affairs.