Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 17 –The extraordinary central committee conference confides that all political parties, civil society organizations and other circles in society will continue to work closely together in accordance with the principles of democracy to actively contribute to the creation of a better political environment for the upcoming 7th legislative election in 2023, according to the outcomes of the conference seen by Fresh News on Sunday (Jul. 17).

“At the same time, we must prevent any hostile activities, from whatever sources they maybe, that seeks to destroy peace, political stability, security and public order, to incites divisions in society, and hinders the Kingdom of Cambodia's development process, which is moving forward vigorously on the path of democracy and rule of law.”

The Conference called on the party grassroots working groups and the party committees at all levels, officials, members of the party as a whole, to continue to promote the tradition of patriotism and internal unity, and to promote sustained and effective activities on the implementation of political platforms for the sake of strengthening the party, connection with the grassroots, and striving to serve the people wholeheartedly in accordance with one's roles and responsibilities that fully responds to the sacred requests and wishes of the people.

The Conference called on all compatriots, both at home and abroad, to continue to unite as one under the umbrella of the Constitution and the cool shade of the highly revered Cambodian king Norodom Sihamoni, and around the Royal Government, with Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen, to safeguard peace, to protect all the social achievements and to continue to build our beloved homeland more advanced and beautiful.

Along with this, let the compatriots continue to strictly implement the measures put in place by the Royal Government and the Ministry of Health, especially the "3 Protecting and 3 Things Not to Do" measures, and everyone is encouraged not to miss the vaccine booster doses to prevent the COVID19 infection from recurring.