Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 20 – * Sustainable Development-featured Fashion Show Hit Cambodia

On July 16, Morgan Tower worked with MEDC, a sustainable-featured fashion public benefit project in Cambodia, to hold a fashion show named „Sustainable Chic“, and brought the audience a stunning visual feast with gorgeous garments designed by combining sustainability and traditional textile aesthetics in Cambodian culture with fashion.

Mr.Zhu Zongwen, Vice General Manager of Morgan Group, and Dr.Angelika Stauder, First Secretary of the German Embassy and Deputy Head of the Cooperation Department, as well as entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and fashion bloggers, attended this gala, whilst Miss international Queen Cambodia 2022 also showed up for the show, bringing brilliance and surprise for the magnificent, gorgeous fashion night in Phnom Penh.

* Resplendent Fashion Show with Presence of Celebrities

When the show was held in Morgan Tower, celebrities, stars, and distinguished guests attended the show to enjoy the charm of Sustainable Chic.

Greetings from Dr.Angelika Stauder, First Secretary and Deputy Head of Cooperation at the German Embassy in Phnom Penh

Greetings from Mr. Zhu Zongwen, Vice General Manager of Morgan Group

* Sustainable Development-featured Fashion Show

The show built an immersive experience. Morgan Tower’s sharp architectural style mutually reflected the 20 MEDC collections. The plain and nature emitting from the selected material of the garments of „Sustainable Chic“ formed a unique delicate aesthetic sense of the performance of the models at the show. The combination of people and nature, city and society, tradition, and modern philosophical reflection was showcased in the fashion light. The works of 21 students from MEDC conveyed a bright purity uniquely and harmoniously, pulling the heartstring of people on the spot.

With the rhythmic music, guests felt like being in nature, walking in the green, thus acclaiming the flow of lights and colors with the models' steps.

Adhering to the principle of „Sustainable Chic“, the show made new attempts by integrating the environmental protection principle, art, and energy-saving buildings. The students from MEDC cooperated with the communities and villages dedicated to traditional textile in Cambodia for the design of their new lines and integrated the hand-woven and naturally-dyed fabrics which have become popular by the promotion from MEDC.

MEDC, a fashion training program, jointly founded in Phnom Penh by the German Messe Berlin (Bazaar Berlin), the Fashion Design Institute, the MaPa Design Academy and support ltd., under the German Ministry of Development and Investment Department is aimed to cultivate professional fashion designers for Cambodia. After the show, up to 10 designers will be selected by MEDC as representatives will come out of Cambodia and go global, and their works will amaze Bazaar Berlin, Germany.

* Splendid Night Out of the Show

Before the show, the organizer prepared the place of the second installation of Bazaar Phnom Penh for the show, and celebrities in the fashion circle, stars, and media gathered in Morgan Tower to appreciate the fashion works of the students from MEDC, while talking about the future trend and challenges of „Sustainable Chic“. In addition, the surprise brought by sponsors of E-GetS, The pretty manor, and other well-known brands became the light of the spot. Exquisite gifts, special foods, and cocktail reception created a charming night for guests.

What impressed the most during the event was the presence of Morgan Tower. Supporting the principle of sustainable development, Mr. Zhu Zongwen, Vice General Manager of Morgan Group, shared with the guests the development of green buildings authenticated by the Cambodia International LEED Gold Medal. Great minds think alike. Morgan Group happened to have the same view as MEDC on the idea of urban sustainable development in the future. Morgan Group and MEDC Project made efforts to deliver the advanced principle of green building and Sustainable Chic to more people, and build a harmonious and beautiful urban environment and lifestyle.

* Morgan Tower-Landmark Architecture

Morgan Tower, the first office building that won the international LEED gold medal in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, invented the light and oxygen ecologic office concept, with consideration of environmental protection and sustainable development in the future, created a green office environment and helped the healthy development of the city.
The international LEED award hailed as Oscar in Green Building, is an international architecture prize rated by the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating System (short for LEEDTM) established and promoted by USGBC. The system is the most complete and influential assessment standard among the environment, green building, and architecture sustainability assessment standards on various styles of architecture in the world. It promotes and advances the harmonious construction and development of buildings in three aspects: society, economy, and environment.

Morgan Tower with a height of 210 meters is another skyscraper that is regarded as a landmark building in Diamond Island in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Morgan invented the office environment concept featuring light and oxygen. Adhering to sustainable development, it fully considered the mutual connection and impact of light, oxygen, and temperature in a high-end business office environment, thus creating an ecologic office complex featuring high-efficient business office, international exchanges, fancy dining, relaxation and entertainment, and green health by scientific design and efficient energy conservation.

Relying on the natural advantages of Diamond Island, an economic center in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Morgan Tower focuses on the connection and interconnection of surrounding areas, and links as a strategic bond with Money Island, a new special economic zone, to realize a dual-core economic driving force in Phnom Penh. Meanwhile, a dimensional transport network has been established by land transportation, ferry, and helicopter, which integrates the efficiency principle with the long-term construction goal of the 20-year Development Plan in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, thus achieving a high-efficient development and utilization of land to transport, and to the hub.

Morgan Tower is located in Cambodia's heart of an economic dynamic, with the Mekong River and Sanjiang River converging here. In the aspect of the ecologic environment, it focuses on the tight connection of architectural structure and ecologic environment and adopts LOW-E glass and aluminum sun shield to reduce the usage of air conditioning and thus decrease energy consumption, with collective planning, flexible space zoning in the interior, while using a new air system to control temperature and moisture and an intelligent light control system to realize environment protection, energy conservation, and comfortable environment and establish a green building featuring sustainable development.

At present, Morgan Tower has been completed and delivered for use. Morgan sincerely embraces enterprises in the world to start a business here and hopes to cooperate with international investors to build a bright future for Cambodia.

* Morgan Tower  Star Palace is on Sale to the World

In addition, Star Palace, a top luxury mansion in Cambodia on the roof of Morgan Tower, has been on sale to the world. As a towering villa located in the center of the CBD in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Morgan Tower  Star Palace boasts only 24 properties, which are surrounded by splendid landscapes of three rivers and are ready to embrace people to appreciate its beauty.