Phnom Penh (FN), Jul. 21 – Havas Socialyse, the first digital agency in Cambodia, launched yet another first for its partners and the business community in the kingdom – Social Listening in the Khmer Language. Part of its new strategic offering called A.D.D.I. or Actionable Data-Driven Insights, Social Listening leverages Havas global group intelligence and tools to understand – for the first time ever -- what is being said by Cambodians in Khmer across more than 100 million online sources. This is set to be a gamechanger in further understanding customers and sharpening relevance in brand communications.

The Social Listening platform was formally introduced to the business community of Cambodia on 14 July at the Raintree rooftop. Highlights from the event included a Social Listening global case study presented by Havas APAC head of digital, Darrell Nelson; and an insightful presentation on best-in-class influencer campaigns from Kohlective, the first-ever influencer marketing firm in Cambodia and affiliate partner of Havas Socialyse.

The event was also an opportunity to celebrate Havas Socialyse’s 5th birthday. Group digital director Benjamin Houghton looked back on the many firsts notched by the now 50-strong team as well as looked forward to even more milestones. “This has been an incredible journey for sure – we started with four executives and now we’re a massive team of digital experts,” shared Benjamin Houghton. “It shows how deeply committed we are in this market, and we’re excited to be bringing more innovations year on year,” added Houghton.

According to Havas Riverorchid Group COO Anthony Keck, Havas Socialyse truly leads the charge in the digital communication space in Cambodia. “Our aim from the outset has always been to establish a truly agile and responsive digital agency that can better engage with customers and drive business growth for our partners. Strategic tools such as Social Listening will be able to do just that and this data-driven approach rooted in the Khmer language is set to create a tangible impact on brands and our clients’ business,” said Keck.

More information about Social Listening in the Khmer Language can be obtained by sending an email to Ben at Socialyse: [email protected]

About Havas Socialyse Phnom Penh
Havas Socialyse Phnom Penh is the Cambodian outpost of Socialyse’s global network of digital experts, operating in 80 countries. With a 360-degree digital offering, Havas Socialyse Phnom Penh combines local knowledge and talent, and leverages its access to Havas and Vivendi Group.

Havas Socialyse Phnom Penh began operations in 2017 and is now a 50-strong team. Throughout its 5 years of existence, Socialyse has introduced numerous ‘firsts’ in the Cambodian market, including the first viral digital campaign in Cambodia; the first to pick up internationally recognised awards in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the USA; the first to bring Facebook, Google and Tiktok to Cambodia for a digital-focused event; the first in Cambodia to be chosen as a case study; and now, the first to introduce Social Listening in the Khmer Language.