Phnom Penh (FN), Aug. 29 – As part of the ICT Talents Cultivation Program, Huawei Cambodia conducted their second time of Open Day 2022 on 16 August 2022. Different from previous year, this year Open Day conducted physically with the participation of Cambodian Students who studies in China under the cooperation of Union Youth Federations of Cambodia Phnom Penh (UYFC-PP).

This year Open Day event comprised of four main interactive sessions that started by the Huawei Cambodia showroom tour at CSIC, then followed by Huawei company introduction by our human resource director. Next part was real experience sharing from Huawei young staff who are also alumni from the top universities in China, and ended with the meaningful session of Question and Answer with Huawei Cambodia CEO, Sovann Yao.

Chen Yuhong, Huawei administration director guided us around the showroom of Huawei Cambodia office at the Customer Solution Innovation and Integration Experience Center (CSIC) to let us experience how Huawei Cambodia develop from 1999 until current development. He started with the brief introduction of CC08 as the first and important equipment during 2000s and until the development of latest technology nowadays including product and solutions of 5G, Cloud, Digital Power that provided the students another new knowledge and broader views beside Huawei’ smart device.

Following with the third session, the three young employees from Huawei Cambodia, as the alumni who graduated from top universities in China, shared their oversea studying experience and especially how they grow in Huawei. All of the alumni illustrated the same insight that Huawei is not just the working place, but the platform for them to explore and experience the challenging and professional work through their different expertise. Within this opportunity, they also encouraged the junior to research more especially about today market and the ICT technology, and warmly welcome everyone to join Huawei Cambodia family in the near future.

Sovann Yao, CEO of Huawei Cambodia, respond to student questions by shared them his remarkable career journey through thick and thin from the graduated period to where he is today. He said that with the purpose of Huawei Cambodia ICT talent cultivation program, we hope to cultivate more talents and hopefully all of Cambodian people especially youth can engage more with the ICT technology. He further raised about the significant role of internet and technology play in today market. Sovann encouraged the student to take the challenges and opportunities to develop themselves by follow their own passion to work and grow. With the principle “In Cambodia, For Cambodia”, Huawei Cambodia is willing to provide the countless opportunities to the local young talents as well as to make its best contribution into this society by cultivating more ICT talents in Cambodia, said the Huawei Cambodia representative.

The event ended with the fruitful interaction between the students and Huawei team especially the Question and Answer session with Huawei Cambodia CEO, which is the great opportunity for the students to deeply understand about Huawei and how they prepared and set the direction for the upcoming career journey, specifically how to explore more for the upcoming digital era.