Beijing (FN), Sep. 19 – Seng Chanmolika, deputy chief of Fresh News English, is doing internship at Xinhua headquarters in Beijing.

Chanmolika has been selected from among the 90 best international journalists from more than 67 countries worldwide to do internship at China's renowned Xinhua News Agency, which was founded since 1931.

Chanmolika said it is a rare opportunity to intern at Xinhua and it is a “dream comes true” for her.

“I have learnt about the prestige of Xinhua, but now I am physically here. It is a rare opportunity... I am proud to be a Cambodian journalist who has chance to build capacity at one of the world's leading media outlets,” Chanmolika underscored.

Over the last two weeks, Chanmolika had been trained in the areas of news writing, video editing, digital journalism, leadership and communication skills, which are important for her personal development and institutional capacities.

Molika is invited to participate in the six-month China Asia Pacific Press Center 2022 Vocational Training Program organized by the China International Press Communication Center. During the training, she regularly attended various training programs on China's socio-economic development, diplomacy, culture, science and technology, training on journalism and internships as well as meetings with senior Chinese public and private institutions, and media organizations and tour visits to Chinese provinces.

Chanmolika expressed gratitude to CEO of Fresh News Lim Chea Vutha for granting her this rare opportunity and realizing her sets of goals. She pledged to share her knowledge and skills from professional training in Beijing with her colleagues and help build Fresh News to another level.

Molika has been with Fresh News for almost 5 years, including part-time experience. She plays an important role in the international department. Her mission is to disseminate factual information with proper sources on a timely manner to fight against fake news in the digital era and spread Cambodia’s prestige in the international stage.