Phnom Penh (FN), Sep. 30 – On the morning of September 30, 2022, the topping out ceremony of La Vista ONE was held on the banks of the Mekong River in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, marking a new stage in the construction of the project and opening a new chapter in luxurious life in the city.

Gathering of Distinguished Guests and Friends to Witness the Moment of Glory

Relevant members attended the topping-out ceremony to witness this glorious moment together, including Mr. Steven Lee, General Manager of Yin Yi Venture Co., Ltd., which owns the La Vista ONE project, leaders of construction and supervision units, representatives of governmental partners, operations representatives of external partners and service companies, managers of overseas distribution channels in Cambodia and Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Asia, Europe and the United States, representatives of the companies that promote the project and cooperate with us and all the front-line staff of the project.

At the ceremony, Mr. Steven Lee said that La Vista ONE is a project developed by Yin Yi Venture Co., Ltd., and it is the first property project to enter the Cambodian market in response to the call of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The contractor of the project is Jiangsu NT2C Group. Known as “Infrastructure Maniac”, it lays a solid foundation for the project in terms of construction quality, engineering safety and eco-friendly and well-organized construction.

He added that the topping out of La Vista ONE not only represents a landmark victory in the construction of the project but also heralds the beginning of a new charter for the project. In the follow-up work of the project, we promise to continue to ensure quality and quantity, focus on safety management, accelerate the follow-up construction progress, and deliver the project as scheduled.

Craftsmanship Brings Quality; Success Achieved by Great Strength

From blueprints to skyscrapers, La Vista ONE remains committed to the concept of high-quality and advanced human settlements, with both natural and user-friendly design. After being refined over time, the project has eventually created a model of quality life in the bay area of Southeast Asia, living up to the expectations of every homeowner.

From the beginning of construction to the topping out of the building, La Vista ONE has always taken “quality” as the top priority of all its work, and every brick and tile is constructed with the concept of better living. Every effort is made only for the brilliance when it blooms.

While ensuring the construction can be completed as scheduled, La Vista ONE pays equal focus on “safety” and “quality”, “high-quality” and “speed”, and follows the strategy of “excellent engineering”. It carries out detailed quality and technical instructions for each sub-project and strictly implements the construction rules to ensure the quality of construction and the comfortable living experience of the homeowners.

The Craftsmanship Never Expires; Wonderful Things to Come Future Days

As the quality of human settlements continuously upgrades, we will be recognized by the market only if we remain focused on our products, listen to the real needs of homeowners and strive for excellence in products.

Since its launch in June 2019, La Vista ONE has become a Top-class riverside residential property in the real estate market of Southeast Asia with many advantages such as unique location, river views, and world-class facilities.

In the middle of June this year, La Vista ONE was upgraded, and the newly launched 261-330 square meters large flats and duplex villas with river views were designed with great care for the comfort of the residents, and the four house types, with grand layouts, redefined the relationship between fashion, life and art with the concept of modern art-making, creating a perfect harmony between nature, space and human beings.

The successful topping out of La Vista ONE has allowed more people to see the quality and speed of construction, which also means that the vision of living in La Vista ONE to enjoy quality bay area is within reach.

Craftsmanship is never forgotten and high quality will stand the test of time. In the days to come, La Vista ONE will continue to be hopeful and positive and making every effort to promote the construction of premium-quality residential projects with a rigorous acceptance system and high standards. With our keenest attitude, we would like to create landmarks of the city, so as to live up to the expectations of the city and show respect to the trust of every homeowner. Let’s look forward to the great growth and outstanding performance of La Vista ONE!