PHNOM PENH (FN), August 10 – Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs categorically condemned the Cambodian-Australian MP, Mr. Hong Lim, for calling the present Cambodia regime as ‘evil’ and declared that Mr. Hong Lim is a persona-non-grata.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers what was said by Mr. Hong Lim on Radio Free Asia as malicious that is far from the truth in Cambodia and the ministry hopes that the statement was only his personal expression and does not reflect the opinion of the Australian government nor of the Australian people.

“The Kingdom of Cambodia and Australia enjoy good relationship, friendship and cooperation in many areas and we believe that what was expressed by Mr. Hong Lim was not a reflection of the ideas of the Australian government, nor of the Australian people,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry said the statement made by Mr. Hong Lim was “a serious humiliation against the Cambodian nation and hence has led the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to the decision that the person, Mr. Hong Lim, was a persona-non-grata.”