WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her supporters have spent 89 million U.S. dollars on TV commercials, and that's only after she was officially nominated by the Democratic Party in late July.

According to a recent NBC report, 52 million dollars came out of Clinton's own pockets while her supporters shelled out 37 million dollars.

By comparison, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's spending on TV commercials was zero, and all of the 8.2 million dollars that his camp used to buy commercial time came from his supporters.

Saving up on commercial fees doesn't mean Trump has given up reaching out to voters, as the former real estate mogul just prefers using the Internet to make himself heard.

According to estimates, Trump's online coverage and mentions may worth 2 billion dollars of TV commercials, and may reach 5 billion dollars before the election.

Narrowing the gap, Clinton managed to receive 72 million mentions on social media in July.