Phnom Penh (FN), August 11 – Cambodia Minister of Foreign Affairs Prak Sokhonn and Secretary of State Long Visalo have had a series of meeting and discussions with Ms. Angela Corcoran, Australian Ambassador to Cambodia respectively on August 9 and 10, 2016 to express dismay over a remark by a Cambodian-Australian MP who described the current Cambodian regime as ‘Evil,’ according to a press release issued by the MoFA today.

The meetings between the senior Cambodian foreign affairs officials with the Australian Ambassador were held as a result of strong protests by Cambodian leadership as well as the general Cambodian public who are seeking clarification from the Australian side over a remark by the Australian MP, Mr. Hong Lim, who had called the current regime in Cambodia as ‘evil regime.’

Public institutions as well as ordinary citizens have all expressed displeasure toward Hong Lim’s statement. Petitions have therefore been submitted to the National Assembly and other institutions to urge that the Australian MP apologizes in public for that comment.