PHNOM PENH, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) — Cambodia said on Friday that the country respected the decision of most Thais who have voted in favor of a new draft aonstitution that will pave the way for next general elections.

"The Royal Government of Cambodia has closely followed with high attention the referendum of the draft Constitution held recently in Thailand as well as observed the peaceful process, "said a Foreign Ministry statement.

"Cambodia respects the decision of the majority of Thai people who have voted to support the draft new constitution that will pave the way toward general elections and allow the members of the Senate to join with members of the House of Representatives in selecting the prime minister," the statement said.

It added that as a friend and neighbor, Cambodia respected the aspiration of the Thais and highly valued the role played by Thailand in contributing to peace, stability and development in the region.

The statement added that Cambodia attached great importance to further strengthening and broadening the relations of friendship and cooperation in all fields with Thailand for mutual interests.

Thailand held a national referendum on Aug. 7. According to the official results, 61.35 percent, or 16.82 million of Thai voters, approved the draft new constitution.

Also, in the referendum, some 58.07 percent, or 15.13 million of the voters, voted in favor of the extra question involving the Senate's power to help select a prime minister.