MOSCOW, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) — Russia might use Iran's Hamadan air base again in the future but will not deploy a full-fledged military base in the country, according to a Russian military analyst on Thursday.

Russia and Iran are sharing information and supporting each other in fighting terrorism, Vladislav Shurygin, the analyst, was quoted by Russian news agency Sputnik as saying.

"It is a partnership. As for Hamadan, Iran provided an airfield for temporary purposes," said Shurygin, adding that Russian bombers could use the airfield to conduct airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria.

He noted Russia and Iran are working together to fight terrorism in Syria and Iraq, but Russia will not deploy a military base in Iran.

Beginning on Aug. 16, Russian bombers took off from the Hamadan base in western Iran for three consecutive days to strike terrorist targets in Syria.

Russia then halted the operation and withdrew its aircraft from Iran.

It was the first time Russia has used the territory of another nation, apart from Syria itself, to launch such strikes since Moscow started a bombing campaign against IS targets inside Syria last September.