PHNOM PENH (FN), September 20 – Rural Development Bank and the Rice Bank of rice mogul Phou Puy together launched a call on Cambodian people to buy locally produced Cambodian rice either one or two bags just to help support Cambodian rice farmers who are facing problems of cost of rice dropping down sharply.

Kao Tharch, Director General of the RDB told Fresh News today that the appeal was launch with a view to instigating the Khmers-helping-Khmers nationalism and to promoting prices of Khmer produces. He said he hoped that every Cambodian would help to buy rice from the Rice Bank and also, in another word, to help buy rice produced by Cambodian farmers.

The Rural development Bank and the Rice Bank has already been in collaboration to set up rice-selling stalls shortly all across the country, namely in Phnom Penh and in other provinces with the aim of providing conveniences to the people to buy pure Cambodian rice that is not mixed with rice from any other neighboring country.

With contact numbers provided as follows: 017 888 001 and 078 777 669, he said the rice would be sold for $30 per back or per 50kg and with a guarantee that those rice are pure and produced by the farmers who are currently suffering from the down-turn.