WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Three tall "towers" standing in a perfect straight line on our neighboring planet Mars in a recent image are claimed by some UFO and alien enthusiasts as clear evidence that highly intelligent beings exist there.

According to the author of a video clip posted on YouTube channel called Mundodesconocido, the image shows three "towers" about 4.8 km tall are arranged neatly in a perfect straight line.

The author believes it is no coincidence, especially as the supposed towers seem to show signs of advanced technology.

The clip also includes 3D renderings of the towers in addition to the original, more blurry images made available to everyone by the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions.

The believers argued that the "towers" do not look like something that can be built by wind or water.

However, scientists in NASA are not as impressed by the interesting discovery.

They said the truth could be disappointing as the three formations may actually look not so perfect when seen from close by.

They further explained that when people on Earth see those "towers," their brains tend to look for familiar artifacts to explain the world around them, a phenomenon called pareidolia.

The scientists gave another example of the famous "Face on Mars," which in fact does not really look like a face at all when seen from another perspective.