MOSCOW, March 18 (TASS)-Russia has augmented its stop-list with the names of another 23 British citizens, including military officials and propaganda spin doctors, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a news release.

"In connection with the British government’s active use of the instrument of unilateral sanctions and restrictions against Russian individuals and organizations, as well as Great Britain’s comprehensive efforts to provide military and technical support to Ukraine, a decision was made to include a number of representatives of the UK armed forces, propagandistic organizations, the judiciary and the penal system (altogether 23 individuals) on the Russian stop-list," the Foreign Ministry said. "Among them are officers of the British armed forces involved, since the start of the special military operation, in conducting training in the UK of Ukrainian military personnel for executing combat operations against the Russian army, including the commanders of those units that detailed instructors for this purpose."

The list of British nationals who are now barred from entering Russia also includes the management of Zinc Network Corporation, as represented by CEO Robert Elliott, Executive Director Scott Brown and Executive Director of Research and Strategy Louis Brooke.

"Acting on requests from the British government, this organization works to discredit foreign journalists who express points of view that differ from the generally accepted Western narrative about the events in Ukraine, provides support to media outlets deemed foreign agents in Russia, and fabricates anti-Russian content for distribution in the media," the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry additionally highlighted that restrictions were also imposed on a number of judges and officials of the British penal system who have been implicated in the persecution of independent journalists.

"In particular, the stop-list now includes senior correctional officials from the maximum-security Belmarsh Prison in London, which is notorious for frequent violations of human rights," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.