Phnom Penh (FN), March 27 –  This year's 3rd Annual River Festival touting the message "River: People, Tourism, Culture, and Environment”, was held in Steung Treng and attracted an estimated 140,000 attendees. The festival lasted 3 days over March 24-26.

“We have 140,000 tourists with us and the festival was held smoothly with peace and security,” said the Minister of Tourism, Thong Khon.

Steung Treng is home to many diverse cultures and has the potential to develop eco-tourism, drawing visitors to its natural sites along its many rivers.

The River Festival is a wonderful event as it not only promotes ecotourism, but also supports sustainable development through the protection and conservation of natural resources and the balance of environment, socio-economic, culture, and development.

The River Festival encourages local governments to participate in the “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service" competition. It also serves to raise public awareness of the importance of river resources based on the vision “Clean Green Development of River Communities”, by preparing to compete in ASEAN Clean City Challenge.

Recently, the ASEAN website has featured the River Festival, Sea Festival, Khmer New Year, Angkor Sangkranta, Water Festival, and half-marathon in ASEAN's 'Best 50 Festivals and 50 Most Unforgettable Travel Experiences.