Kratie (FN), March 27 – Prime Minister Hun Sen oversaw the inauguration of a new school in Kratie on Monday.

While visiting civil servants and armed forces in Kratie last July, the Prime Minister suggested the need to renovate older buildings, thereby providing students with safer learning environments.

“Local authorities need to renovate school buildings in order to reduce any possible dangers from older buildings,” the premier urged.

The premier recalled the lack of qualified educators and the dire educational situation during and after the Pol Pot Genocidal Regime.

The Cambodian education system began with outdoor classrooms under trees with students using charcoal as a chalk instead of markers.

Since that time, education has been steadily improving, particularly in Kratie. There are now hundreds of schools for students to learn in.

“Teaching can be difficult, but I will do my best to create resources for improvement," the premier reiterated.

He suggested the need to work together peacefully, which once was difficult as Cambodia was embroiled in war.

The premier hopes that a university will be built in Kratie for local students and students from nearby provinces. The premier expects that schools built by the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) will contribute to student’s education in the province.

He also announced a sponsored trip to Siem Reap-Angkor for students graduated in teaching from Kratie.

The premier asked local authorities and armed forces to cooperate with one another to maintain security during Khmer New Year.

The premier appealed to the different political parties to abide by the code of conduct during the upcoming election by refraining from insulting other parties. He said that insulting others would cause pain and strife. He also called on local authorities and armed forces to ensure that elections are fair and functional.

Prime Minister Hun Sen encouraged citizens to vote for any political party they prefer. The premier thanked CPP supporters and asked them to continue to vote for the CPP during the upcoming election so as to maintain peace and development.

The premier also donated a thousand books entitled “Krom Ngoy”, which teaches fables about life, to various libraries in the province for students to read.

The premier's speech ended at 8:54 A.M.