Phnom Penh (FN), Mar 29 – The Minister of the Interior, Sar Kheng, has appointed a representative to discuss the Cambodian National Rescue Party's (CNRP) violation of the Political Party Criteria.

According to a letter from the Minisitry of the Interior (MoI) , the meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 P.M.

Prak Som Oeun, the Director General of the General Department of Administration, has been appointed by the MoI to discuss the non-political technicality with the CNRP.

The appointment was made in response to an official request from the CNRP to meet with Sar Kheng and have him explain the illegitimacy of the CNRP’s extraordinary congress and the selection of the CNRP’s new president.

The CNRP’s request to MoI was made upon MoI's investigation confirmed that CNRP’s congress on the selection of its new president has violated political party’s criteria.

Neng Nat, CNRP's Standing Committee member, issued an open letter last Thursday requesting Kem Sokha to resign his presidency, as the CNRP’s extraordinary congress violated political party’s criteria.

"Political party's criteria prevails all law in the party that we must follow. Everybody knows clearly that CNRP's congress on choosing new leaders in the party has been done untimely without firm support from the majority of CNRP's members," Neng Nat wrote in the letter.

MoI, meanwhile, also requested CNRP to change its slogan from "Replace commune leaders serving the ruling party with commune leaders serving people”, as it is in conflict with the 1993 Constitution, Political Parties Law, the Law on the Elections of Commune Councils, and the Law on Administration Management of Commune, Pluralist Liberal Democracy of Cambodia, and the principles of proportional representation election.