Phnom Penh (FN), March 29 - Dr. Beat Richner, founder Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital (KBCH), is currently in serious health condition and being treated in Switzerland.

According to the KBCH’s press release on Tuesday, Dr. Richner will step down from his position as managing director of KBCH with immediate effect, and Dr. Peter Studer, Vice President of the Board of KBCH, will take charge on behalf of Dr. Richner.

Even though Dr. Richner is seriously ill, the hospital is operating as usual with approximately 2,500 employees.

Mam Bun Heng, Minister of Health has wished Dr. Richner a speedy recovery. Dr. Richner is considered as the god of Cambodia who has saved millions of Cambodian children’s lives.

“The ministry will continue to work closely with the new head of the KBCH, Dr. Peter Studer,” Mam Bun Heng reiterated.

Dr. Richner launched KBCH, a free-charge hospital to help treat children since 1992.

Until 2016, KBCH has invested more than $500 million, of which approximately $400 million were donated from donors in Switzerland.

About 7 percent of Cambodia government's involvement, 8.8% as part of the Government of Switzerland (Swiss government has provided assistance to KBCH for $ 4 million annually), and other participants donors and overseas.