Phnom Penh (FN) March 31- Pan Sorasak, the Minister of Commerce, has vowed to support the private sector investment as a way to help boost economic growth and job opportunities for citizens, as it is considered the engine of economic growth.

During the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner at The Cambodiana Hotel on Thursday night, Pan Sorasak said that the Ministry of Commerce has launched a program to reform and improve the business and trade facilitation at the border.

“We have built online systems for trademark registration, Certificates of Origin (CO), electronic payments (E-Payment), and a single counter (National Single Window) that is available to businessmen and investors to ease the processes associated with development and exports," stated Pan Sorasak.

“We have organized a “Government Forum and Private Sector” annual conference that will promote the role and participation of the private sector in national development as well as creating an Institute for Training and Research.

We will strengthen stakeholder's capacity in leading negotiations and draft and implement trade policy effectively,” he added.

He reiterated that the ministry’s officials are working resolve issues in the private sector.

The government is open to, and encourages new investments.

The ministry will promote open economic cooperation as well as create a better investment environment to attract more investors and businessmen.

The minister suggested creating a representative office in any country or region with a community of Cambodians; provide services as required to the provincial chamber of commerce to ensure smooth operation; launch Cambodia’s barcode training course to the enterprises and factories across the country; and to cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector to organize promotional events and stimulate local business activities.