(Phnom Penh): In an attempt to address concerns by many people regarding the new traffic law, Prime Minister Hun Sen was on air today to provide explanation and clarification point by point.

In his 20-minute video broadcast, the premier made it clear that there would be no more legal requirement for a driving license for those who drives a moto-bike with running power of 125CC or lower and those who have already paid to obtain a license can just return the document to the responsible ministry and claim the money back.

Emphasizing that owner of moto-bike with 125 CC or lower is free to share it with as many as four or five members of his/her family with no need for certification papers from the authorities, the premier also said that service fees for vehicle-driving licenses would also be decreased.

Finally he repeated his call for drivers to carefully learn to drive and to understand the traffic law very well so that everybody would contribute to effective enforcement of the law.