Vietnam (FN), April 20 – Deputy Prime Minister Ke Kim Yan, Chairman of the National Authority for Combating Drugs led a delegation to Hanoi, Vietnam from April 18-21.

The visit came at the request of Vietnamese Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam, Chairman of the National Committee for Prevention and Control of AIDS, Drugs and Prostitution.

“Cambodia is located near the Golden Triangle, where drug criminals use Cambodia to transport illicit drugs to other neighboring countries, which undermine security and public order and citizens' welfare,” General Ke Kim Yan told Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam.

“The Royal Government of Cambodia launched a nationwide anti-drug campaign and as a result cracked down on 2,677 cases of drug smuggling, arrested 6,132 suspects, and seized more than 36kg of drugs,” he added.

Both parties agreed to build rehabilitation centers and vocational training in Cambodia.

The two deputy PMs also agreed to accelerate bilateral collaboration in drug prevention and combat, by authorizing and directing domestic agencies and provinces with shared borderlines to strengthen the exchange of information and collaborate with each other in the investigation, detection, and destruction of drug trafficking gangs between the two countries.

Vietnam agreed to assist with capacity building, law enforcement, and drug treatment and rehabilitation.

Cambodia showed appreciation for Vietnam's willingness to collaborate in the trafficking crackdown.

Vietnam thanked Cambodia for its role in obstructing the transnational drug trade.

DPM Ke Kim Yan wished Vietnamese leaders well on the behalf of Prime Minister Hun Sen, and invited them to visit Cambodia in 2017.