Phnom Penh (FN), May 17 – Sik Bun Hok, President of National Election Committee (NEC), issued a warning to those who claimed the black ink used in voting is removable.

He said that to do so damages the election process.

The comments were made at the press conference for the Black Ink Test on Wednesday.

“Whoever says the black ink is removable has a motive to vote multiple times and disrupt the election,” stated the NEC’s president.

“Let’s see how they will face legal actions,” he added.

NEC’s spokesman Hang Puthea has reassured the public that the controversy surrounding the ink used to deter voter fraud has been resolved.

The ink is used to indicate that an individual has already voted. Solving the problem will ensure each individual gets to vote once.

"The NEC has other mechanisms in place besides the ink to ensure the election is free and just," stated Hang Puthea.

The statement was made last Friday after the NEC received widespread criticism from several NGOs complaining that the ink used was too easily removed.

The NEC spent $400,000 on the ink and is prepared to use it in for the upcoming commune-council.