PHNOM PENH (FN), Jan. 26 —According to a post on Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook page on Jan. 26, Kerry had told the premier of his appreciation that Cambodia is developing fast and that, along with the development, the country had a high potential and a lot of opportunities for U.S. investors.

Kerry also thanked the Cambodian Government for sending troops to join UN peace keeping forces in several countries as part of its contribution to maintaining peace in the world. He said Cambodia was a small country but its contribution was significant to world peace, according to the Facebook post.

Prime Minister Hun Sen, in return, thanked Kerry and the U.S. government for returning the Khmer antic statue and asked that the U.S. continue this cooperation with Cambodia so that it could be an example for other countries.

While appreciating the U.S. support that contributes to Cambodia’s development as of the present, the Prime Minister also proposed to the U.S. to work together with Cambodia to promote trade exchange and investments between the two countries to further. He pledged to cooperate with the U.S. in fighting against all forms of terrorism for the sake of peace in the region and in the world.

Finally, according to the Facebook post, Prime Minister Hun Sen asked the U.S. for continued support in the areas of health, education, demining, and facilitation of Cambodian exported goods to the U.S. to be quota-free and tax-free as it used to be under the MFN status.