Phnom Penh (FN), Jan. 27 – A group of Cambodian legal workers in Thailand whose labor rights have reportedly been abused by a Thai construction company have now received a pay rise as a result of the intervention by Cambodian Consulate in Bangkok.

In a statement issued by Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Jan. 27, it said Cambodia’s Embassy in Thailand, met and discussed with the Thai Company, known as POTEAM BUILDER CO., LTD in Chachoengsao province, on Jan 20. 2016, and urged that payment for the 260 Cambodian workers who had allegedly been abused by the company, be increased.

As a result, after the meeting among Embassy’s representative, official of the provincial Department of Labor, representatives of the employer and employees, the company agreed to an increase of 300 baht ($8) per day to every worker and return them their passports, according to the statement.