KANDAL, Cambodia (FN), Jan. 28 — Officials from the Ministry of Health, on Jan. 28, visited a village in Kampog Speu province, about 45 Km south-west of Phnom Penh to conduct an investigation into the first case of measles that affected a baby.

Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng, led his team to conduct the field-visit immediately in response to a reported case of measles affecting a 7-month old baby in Svay Chrum village, Vihear Commune, Kong Pisey District detected by a hospital in Phnom Penh.

According to doctors, measles generally affects children of 9-month old the youngest and it is unusual that now a 7-month old baby has caught the disease. Preliminary conclusion is that the baby was not breast-milked. However, at the behest of Minister Mam Bun Heng, experts are in the process of finding out the real causes.