PHNOM PENH (FN), Jan. 29 — Prime Minister Hun Sen, issued a statement on Jan. 29 calling for collaboration from all sectors, institutions and all professions to make Cambodia free from all kinds of drug. 

The premier said that measures and actions taken by the government, relevant authorities, the judiciary and even through taxation are not yet enough. In order to eradicate drugs from the society, people have to stop using drugs and say “No” to it. 

Everybody, no matter how old, boys or girls, have to do it themselves, he said. Every family has to educate their children and so have teachers and professors at schools. As for students, the “Friends Educating Friends” campaign to stay away from drugs is one of the most effective ways to prevent further outbreak of drugs, the premier said in the statement. 

Religious leaders that include Buddhist monks, Muslims, and Christian teachers, could also join these important tasks of teaching or explaining to their followers not to take drugs. All media practitioners, artists, actors, actresses, and MCs of Radio and TV’s programs, can contribute to preventing youth from taking drugs. Moreover, Facebook users could also give comments on the drug problems, he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen finally stressed that for drugs to be completely eliminated, everybody would just have to say “No” to it, and so, traffickers and dealers would have no way to do their drug-businesses.