PHNOM PENH (FN), Feb. 1 — Prime Minister Hun Sen on Feb. 1 posted a message attached with a number of photos on his Facebook with the focus on the significance of peace as well as maintaining it.

In his Facebook page showing his interactions with the local residents either doing exercises or paddling in and around the public parks within the vicinity of his residence, the premier apparently sent a message to the public that all are made possible by peace. “It’s easy to destroy peace but it is hard to make and maintain it,” he said in the message.

With photos of him holding his grandchildren and tasting local Khmer Noodle (Num Banhchok), which was then followed by a jack fruit, the premier recalled in the Facebook message his arm-struggle against the Khmer Rouge until the country was completely liberated and followed by the success of his win-win strategy.

“Follow up with my visit yesterday to public exercising parks and facilities, I would like to say I am proud that I have joined forces to liberate our people from Pol Pot’s and took the lead in bringing about peace which was linked to the win-win policy. As a result, Cambodia enjoys full peace with opportunities for development in the whole country in general and in Phnom Penh in particular,” said the premier.

He also made his apology to those who wanted to take photos with him but could not do so since there were too many people.