Phnom Penh (FN), Feb.01 – Garment industry has become the leading sector to push Cambodia’s economy up and also helped many Cambodians to get out from poverty.

According to government's statistics, this sector could monthly provide a total 1.2 million dollars of salary.

Mom Ravy from Kompong Speu province has 4 children, and two of them are working at a garment factory in provincial town, located about 15 km from their house.

She said that “we have no ability to do a good job. It is also a pride for them to be working in such a factory. I want to see their struggling in work and I always advise them to be hard-working. We are poor, that’s why they should not be lazy and slothful. ”

Every 6 o’clock in the morning, the two go to work along with well-prepared breakfast as they work in same factory. Linda, one of the two children said, “I think it is good to work in factory, and that’s because of my lacked-knowledge. By working in this factory, I could have better living up until now.”

Linda has been appointed to be a team leader a few years ago, but she still required tailoring sometimes. Linda’s sister, Vorleak, is under her leadership, and both of them need not bring food along for lunch as the factory always provide lunch to more than 6,000 workers on board where they are working.