Sihanouk Vile (FN), Feb. 2 – A large cruise ship, Regent Seven Seas, with 661 tourists onboard anchored at Sihanoukville port on Feb.1 to give its passengers a chance to enjoy Cambodia’s beaches before departing to Bangkok, Thailand, a tourism official said.

The cruise ship was on its way from Kaula Lampur, Malaysia and left for Bangkok, Thailand at 6:00pm on the same day.

Sihanoukvile is included in ASEAN Cruise Roadmap, which is a part of the awareness campaign, Cruises Feel the Warmth, launched at the ASEAN Tourism Ministers’ Forum on Jan. 22, 2016 (ATF-2016) in Manila, the Philippines. 

The visit of this tourist cruise constitutes a potential for this seaport province to attract more tourists and cruises for this year as well as for the following years, stated the tourism official.