Phnom Penh (FN), April 20 – Aun Pornmoniroth, Senior Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Steering Committee on Public Financial Management Reform, highlighted on Friday the Royal Government of Cambodia improved people's living standard through the elimination of tax and public fees.

His announcement was made during an annual and 5-year review meeting of Public Financial Management Reform (PFMR) at Sofitel Phnom Penh on Friday.

According to the Senior Minister, the government has eliminated tax and public fees at both national and sub-national level, including the elimination of motorcycle driving license, tax exemption for motorbikes and tricycle under 150cc, elimination of public fee on birth certificates, marriage certificates and identification card, reducing price of electricity and water, increasing the minimum wage of tax on salary, the removal of tax fees for the small-scale sale of goods, and permission granted to businesses with stalls, booths or other to own, operate, and transfer the properties.

These eliminations have benefited the general public, especially the low-income earners, including civil servants, armed forces, teachers, physicians and workers, employees as well as small businesses.

Minister of Economy added that achieving higher economic growth over 7% per annum and the favorable macro-economic situation, low inflation and a stable exchange rate, along with the excellent results of the Public Financial Management Reform provided more job opportunities and incomes for the people.

The minister pointed out that hundreds of thousands of workers and employees in the private sector also have the opportunity to increase their income through the government's policy in raising minimum wages for workers and employees in textiles, garments and footwear sector each year. As of 2018, the minimum wage has increased from $150 to $170, excluding benefits from the government's social protection policy.