Phnom Penh (FN), April 20 - Advisor to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China to Cambodia in Charge of Political Affairs Ms. Zuo Wenxing, on Friday, held talks with Lim Cheavutha, CEO of Fresh News to exchange information and strengthen cooperation.

Fresh News has recently launched the dissemination of news and information in Chinese language, the third language of its media coverage following Khmer and English to both local and international readers in the time that Cambodia-China's diplomacy, trade, tourism, culture, investment, and many other areas of the two countries have strived markedly.

Ms. Zuo welcomed the release of Chinese language on Fresh News. She praised the Fresh News organization as one of the most leading media in Cambodia, accessed by more than a million audiences. In addition, both Cambodian and Chinese people, including staffs at the embassy are keen on following up the news published by Fresh News.

The Chinese embassy also called for effective technology to disseminate information between Cambodia and People's Republic of China. In response, Fresh News CEO fully supported the initiative.

For over two hours, the two sides have expressed their mutual supports to one another, expressing their enthusiasm for cooperation and partnership.