SYDNEY, June 7 (Xinhua) -- Australian Border Authorities have seized over 1.6 ton of the illegal narcotic methamphetamine, with an estimated value of around 1.2 billion Australian (840,000 million U.S.) dollars.

Locally known as ice, the drug was detected in a sea cargo consignment of stereo speakers at the Melbourne Container Examination Facility after being selected by Australian Border Force (AFB) officers as part of a targeted investigation.

According to police, x-ray images of the goods which originated in Thailand, uncovered vacuum-sealed packages of ice hidden inside the audio equipment, along with a further 37 kilograms of heroin.

"Without the sophisticated targeting and detection capabilities of the ABF, these drugs would have made it to the streets of Melbourne and beyond," ABF Regional Commander in Victoria State, Craig Palmer, said on Friday.

"This is the largest meth bust we've ever seen in this country and demonstrates not only the brazen nature of those involved in this criminal activity, but the resolve of the ABF in Victoria and around the country to stop these imports."

"Last financial year the ABF made 43,000 detections of illicit drugs weighing more than 11.8 tonnes, so this seizure is equal to more than 13 percent of the total drugs we seized last financial year."

But despite the recording-breaking haul, at this stage police have confirmed that no arrests have been made and that their investigations are ongoing.

"The effect of these drugs on the community and families would have been profound," Australian Federal Police Acting Commander of the Organised Crime Unit, Peter Bodel, said.

"It may be your loved one, a friend or neighbour who has been spared the terrifying impact of this mammoth shipment."

"If you have any information -- please come forward. Help us find the people who are willing to put their profit before the pain and suffering of others."