NEW YORK, March 29 (AFP) - Britain has called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Myanmar, where scores of anti-coup protesters were killed over the weekend, diplomatic sources said on Monday (Mar 29).

The 15 Security Council members will begin the session behind closed doors on Wednesday with a briefing on the situation by the UN's special envoy on Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgener, the sources said.

It was not clear if the Security Council would be able to agree on a new declaration at the end of the meeting, something that requires unanimity among members that include Russia and China.

On Mar 10, the Security Council for the first time issued a declaration strongly condemning the Myanmar security forces' "use of violence against peaceful protesters" that included women and children.

The declaration had been led by former colonial power Britain but the security council would not agree to make any reference to a "coup" or the possibility of international sanctions if the Myanmar military continued its attacks on protesters.

This was mainly due to opposition from China and Russia, but also from other Asian members of the council like India and Vietnam.

On Feb 4, the security council voiced "deep concern" over the military coup in Myanmar and called for the "release of all detainees" including Aung San Suu Kyi.

At least 107 people, including seven children, were killed on Saturday, the United Nations said.